Úna Hamilton Helle

Copyright 2010-24

Nekrosus flexidisc

Last post Recordings (FR) release flexidiscs which hark back to the old tradition of sound postcards, a tradition where post-Victorian travellers would send postcards with sound-bits to loved ones from places they had visited.

As the first in a series of releases on the theme of landscape, Nekrosus has been released as a limited sound postcard of 250 numbered ex and features the spoken word soundtrack to my video work of the same name.

From Last Post Recordings:

For Last Post Recordings Una Hamilton Helle offers the listener a sound postcard with the voice over from her video installation Nekrosus. The front of the postcard shows a photograph taken by the artist close to her childhood cabin in Norway. This was the location where she first experienced a deep-seated fear while watching the edges of a forest seemingly inhabited by supernatural beings, well known from Norwegian folklore. In the same tortured vocals as black metal, a genre that also takes inspiration from the dark undercurrents of nature, Una Hamilton Helle describes in her native language a desolate place, located at the edge of two worlds separated by a thin veil of reality.

See and hear more on the Last Post Recordings bandcamp page.