Úna Hamilton Helle

Copyright 2010-24

Katabasis: A larp about descents and origin myths

Generations ago we fled into a vast system of caves to create a new world. The origin myth of this event charts the story of how we started as one people, but also how we were seperated after the Great Divide. There are stories about the others, still out there, but we haven’t encountered them. As we descend further into the vast network of caverns, we feel the presence and traces of the mythical others as they appear to us as symbols, detritus and echoes in the dark.

Katabasis is a Live Action Roleplay that explores group dynamics and the formation of mythology through physical storytelling, symbol creation, telekinesis and ritualised movement and sound. It is a flexible structure for those who want to think about the formation of societies and culture, and explore communication and the negotiation of differences.

For up to 20 players.
Developed and run with Susan Ploetz and Francis Patrick Brady.

Katabasis has been run at [Space] Studios and the Smoke Larp Festival (London), the Larporatory (Vilnius) and Grenselandet Chamber Larp Festival (Oslo).