Úna Hamilton Helle

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Twitter: UnaOslondon
Instagram: uncashh
Based in London & Oslo
b. 1985


My artistic practice concerns itself with where and how we locate and create meaning for ourselves. This enquiry is inspired by belief systems and subcultures where concepts of the real and imaginary are often intermingled. A lingering theme in my practice is that of landscapes, place and topographies, geographical and fantastical, and how they shape identities whilst simultaneously and consciously being used to further ideological purposes. My practice is a search for different ways to inhabit reality.

Screenings, Performances, Talks, Events

2023 Beneath Clouded Hills: A Journey into Deep England; presentation for the American Folklore Society's Annual Meeting, Portland

2023 Beneath Clouded Hills Day of Events, 20 May, Bloc Projects' meanwhile space; A magical day of events exploring the inclusive possibilities of 'deep England' through conversation, music and restorative practices, including harp composition by Manon McCoy Lafay, discussion between Zakia Sewell, Richard Smyth, Una Hamilton Helle & Verity Birt, sound performance by Crone (Freya Barlow, Blue Firth & Isabel Jones) and a screening of artist moving image work + archival materials

2023 Sylvan Researchers: Becoming The Forest x Addergebroed present an event to celebrate BTF IV, incl. a sonic journey through the issue & a live performance by Iskandr, live at Het Bos & streamed through We Are Various radio, Antwerp

2023 Beneath Clouded Hills: A more-than-human approach to Deep England; presentation for the American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, Denver

2022 Conjuring Creativity, film screening at the conference on art & esotericism, Stockholm

2021 The Unquiet Veil: a seminar on Folk Magick, Resistance and Paranormal Ecologies of the Arts, speaker, Stockholm University of the Arts

2020 Harsh Light webinar on Englishness, myths and the Occult, with Verity Birt and Edwin Coomasaru, speaker, Bloc Projects

2020 Tangled Roots: The Origins of Black Metal, curated screening and panel discussion with Charlie Woolley (Crypt of the Wizard), Dayal Pattison (Cult Never Dies) and Jan Utecht (Occvlta) for London Short Film Festival, Regent Street Cinema

2019 Not really now not any more, 'folk horror film screening', Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

2019 Movement/Possession #03 The Forest, reading/performance, SET Dalston Lane, London

2018 Katabasis - a LARP about descents and origin myths, Game Master, Grenselandet, Oslo

2018 Expand and Contract: Navigating Undergrounds, speaker & larp GM at conference organised by Royal Holloway Geography Dept, London

2018 Guest Projects 10 Year Anniversary: An interactive game with Open School East, exhibition

2018 Katabasis - a LARP about descents and origin myths, [Space] Studios, London

2018 Strong Currents - a sound walk and sculpture trail, with Open School East, Botany Bay, Kent

2018 Katabasis - a LARP about descents and origin myths, The Smoke LARP Festival, London

2017 Becoming the Forest #2 - UK launch, talk by geographer Harriet Hawkins and music by Mork, The Infernal Sea & Ashtoreth, organised with Flora Parrott & Cult Never Dies, Nambucca, London

2017 Becoming the Forest #2 - Belgian launch, gig by Wiegedood, Het Bos, Antwerp

2017 Becoming the Forest #2 - Norwegian launch, w. Sebastian Rusten & Katakomben Records, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

2017 In Conversation between Art and Larp - A panel discussion, organised by Marije Baalman and Nina Runa Essendrop, Knutepunkt, Oslo

2017 The Virtual Restoration Project: A larp about remaking history, written and co-organised with Francis Patrick Brady & Sarah Jury, The Smoke International Larp Festival, London; then Knutepunkt, Oslo

2016 Katabasis - a larp about descents and origin myths, Larporatory, Vilnius, written and co-organised with Susan Ploetz and Francis Patrick Brady

2016 Ascension (more than a feeling), screening, Scarborough Open Air Theatre

2016 Space Party! The Return from Annwn premiere and Infundibulum zine launch, New River Studios, London

2016 The Virtual Restoration Project: A larp about remaking history, written and co-organised with Francis Patrick Brady & Sarah Jury, Open School East, as part of the Antiuniversity Now programme

2014 Hal Silver: Day & Night (a Mafia-themed workshop), The Photographer's Gallery, London

2014 Black Thorns in the Black Box, screening at Grimposium, Concordia University, Montreal

2013 Hal Silver: Day & Night (a Mafia-themed workshop), organised by ccthenr (coalesce, compose then radiate), London

2012 The Wire's Salon 'Looking Black: The Visual Aesthetics of Black Metal', in-situ exhibition, Cafe Oto, London

2012 Black Thorns in the Black Box, a travelling screening programme curated by Amelia Ishmael and Bryan Wendorf, FOKL Center, Kansas City, The Nightingale, Chicago, Spectacle Theatre, New York, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

2012 PURELIFE, one-night exhibition curated by Ruth Angel-Edwards, Power Lunches, London

2011 Hal Silver Speaks (part of ‘Cast and Figment’ experimental radio season), Soundfjord, London

2011 Hal Silver Speaks, Aid and Abet, Cambridge

2011 The 7th Berlin International Directors Lounge, screening, Art House Meinblau, Berlin

2010 Surreal Nightmares, Shunt, London

2010 Charlie Woolley's Mysterious Cults, SPACE, London


2023 Beneath Clouded Hills, a collaborative exhibition with Verity Birt, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, opens 18 May 23

2021 Playing With Deep Time, artistic & larp consultant on a University of Oslo project which was exhibited at the After Progress online exhibition organized by Unit of Play, curated by Martin Savransky and Craig Lundy

2021 GAMES: Untold Seats of Power, group exhibition at the Roskilde Museum of Contemporary Art, Denmark, curated by UNION Group

2020 All Flesh is Grass, a collaborative exhibition with Uma Breakdown, Eltons Kuns & curator Erik Martinson, Kim? Contemporary Art Centre, Riga, Latvia and online

2019 Becoming the Forest at Queen Elizabeth's Hunting Lodge, Epping Forest, a Waltham Forest Borough of Culture commission

2019 PLATZProjekt residency exhibition, 2a Studios, Hannover, during Zinnober weekend

2019 Alan Kane's 4 Bed Detached Home of Metal, commissioned by Capsule/Home of Metal, New Art Gallery Walsall

2019 ALEA - an exhibition about Chance, Randomness and Determinism, Celsius Projects, Malmö, Sweden

2018 Gut Feelings, Open School East, Margate

2018 Heksenkeet, Baracca, Den Haag, commissioned for the Den Haag Art Weekender

2016 The Return from Annwn, film and online project, Legion TV

2015 Becoming the Forest, Le Bon Accueil, Rennes, France - as part of Le festival Oodaaq programme

2015 Ascension (More than a feeling), commissioned for The Electric Guitar in Popular Culture conference, Bowling Green State University, Ohio

2014 Videorover 9: Archive, NURTUREart, New York

2013 Future Postcards as part of Forward Looking, Oriel Davies Gallery, Newton, then Solent Gallery, Southampton. Buried by the Centre for Alternative Technology, Pantperthog

2013 Time, the deer, is in the wood of Hallaig, curated by Amy Cutler, St. Johns on Bethnal Green, London

2011 VIDEOROVER: Season III, NURTUREart, New York

2011 Hal Silver: Transmuter's Echo, Apiary Projects, London

2011 S.A.G.S. - Lucky PDF at The Woodmill, The Woodmill, London

2010 Hal Silver and the Mourouge Room, Hospital Club, London

2010 Show One, Royal College of Art, London

2010 Landscape and Myth, Kingly Court, London

2009 Hal Silver, The Russian Club, London

2009 Concerning Dual Transmissions, w. Sidsel Christensen & Ben Judd, Hockney Gallery, London

Publications & releases

2022 Becoming the Forest IV, editor, published by Het Bos, Antwerp

2022 Monica Sjöö: artist, activist, writer, mother, warrior, editor, published by Legion Projects

2019 Becoming the Forest #3, editor, published by Het Bos, Antwerp

2019 Glossolalia, artistic contribution, a zine published by Sorcery Press, work included

2017 Becoming the Forest #2, editor, published by Het Bos, Antwerp

2016 Nekrosus, edition of 250 flexi sound postcards + download, Last Post Recordings, France.

2016 A guide to the Guardians of Annwn, Infundibulum: stories of non-ordinary reality by women, artistic contribution, published by Microcosmic Hypermarket, London

2016 Rooilijn 2: Becoming the Forest insert, artistic and editorial contribution, magazine published by Het Bos, Antwerp

2015 The Promise of Something and Nothing, essayist, published by Tiny Splendor, Los Angeles

2015 Becoming the Forest #1, editor, published by Le Bon Accueil, Rennes

2012 Black Metal: Beyond the Darkness, photographer, published by Black Dog Publishing, London

2011 For Inclusion in the Syllabi, editor, published by Five Storey Projects, London

As Curator

2023-24 Ploughing Old Patterns, Raising New Ground, A series of audiovisual commissions about British folk culture, for Legion Projects. Artists: Arianne Churchman & Benedict Drew, Paul Kindersley, Ox Art (Annabel Pettigrew & Rob MacPherson), Fourthland, Verity Birt & Una Hamilton Helle, Matthew-Robert Hughes & Her Mother the Mountain

2021 Flora Parrott: Darkness Retreat, online installation which was made in response to a retreat the artist attended where she spent 60 hours alone in complete darkness. As Legion Projects.

2018-19 Waking the Witch, curator for this Legion Projects Touring Exhibition which will tour to Oriel Davies Gallery, Newtown, 20-21 Visual Arts, Scunthorpe, Sidney Cooper Gallery, Canterbury and Bonington Gallery, Nottingham. Artists include Verity Birt, Anna Bunting-Branch, Nadine Byrne, Mary Beth Edelson, Fiona Finnegan, Blue Firth, Fourthland, Georgia Horgan. Ben Jeans Houghton, Serena Korda, Candice Lin, Katarzyna Majak, Monica Sjöö, Lucy Stein, Ayesha Tan Jones and Cathy Ward

2018 Earthly Delights; three nature-related workshops, as organiser, The Garden Gate Project & Open School East, Margate

2018 Gameplay; Three Game Design Workshops, as organiser, Open School East, Margate

2016 Turner Contemporary and the British Museum Commission: Hannah Lees, Turner Contemporary, Margate: Initiated as a BM National Programmes project; a contemporary response to a loan of Roman Samian ware from the local Pudding Pan ship wreck

All the below as curator with Five Storey Projects:

2011 For Inclusion in the Syllabi, The Pigeon Wing, London: An exhibition and publication with contributions from Am Nuden Da, Ana Balona de Oliveira, Thomas Bush, Angus Cameron, Patrick Coyle, FSP, Tim Ivison and Julia Tcharfas, Sarah Jury, Mikko Kuorinki, Matthew MacKisack, Jean-Pierre Rampal, Rory Rowan, Matthew Thompson and Martijn in't Veld

2010 MO·VE·MENT**, JTG, London: As part of JTProjects 10 FSP presented a revolving artistic residency in the front room of James Taylor Gallery. Installations by Joshua Bilton, Richard Hards and Josh Whitaker

2010 Are you Experienced (?), SPACE, London: A radio take over day as part of Charlie Woolley's solo exhibition Mysterious Cults and RADIO SHOW project featuring lectures, performances and apparitions by Sidsel Christensen, Ben Judd, Matthew MacKisack, Felix Lee, Jacqui Mcintosh and Susan MacWilliam broadcasted live on the radio

2009 The Object of the Attack, David Roberts Art Foundation, London: Three events based on the J.G. Ballard short story, featuring Susan MacwWilliam, Lars Laumann, Samuel Craven, Raagnagrok and Charlesworth, Lewandowski & Mann

2009 It’s a Mess and Most Probably Irreversible, Foubert’s Place, London: A group exhibition in an empty Soho shop front featuring work and live performances by David Raymond Conroy, Jack Strange, Ellie Harrison, Cecile Azoulay, Vasco Alvo, Joanna Steele, Charleswoth, Lewandowski & Mann, Sidsel Christensen, David Micheaud and Faith Millin

2008 Matter of Time, James Taylor Gallery, London: A site-specific exhibition in a Victorian Hackney warehouse featuring 17 artists including PaulMart, Aleister Levy, Elisabetta Alazraki, Clive A Brandon, Bianca Brunner, Kim Coleman, Jenny Hogarth & Haroon Mirza and more

Education & Residencies

2024 Seeds of Radical Renewal, 10-part course in Spiritual Ecology & Leadership, Emergence Magazine

2022 Deep England residency with Verity Birt at Creswell Craggs caves, facilitated by Bloc Projects

2022-24 Practice-based (Arts) PhD within Royal Holloway University Geography Department team THINK DEEP: Novel Creative Approaches to the Underground, led by Professor Harriet Hawkins, funded through the European Research Council’s Horizon 2020 Consolidator Grant Scheme

2019 Temporary Utopian Zone residency at the PLATZProjekt, with Janina Totzauer, Hannover, Germany

2018 OSE Residencies #1: Work in progress, Limbo, Margate

2018 Open School East Associate Artist, Margate

2011 Escalator Retreat 10, Wysing Arts Centre

2008-2010 MA Photography & Video, Royal College of Art, London

2004-2007 BA Photography, Camberwell College of Art, London